Generous Sharing

Our team are all volunteers, which means we are all tentmakers working hard for our living like Apostle Paul.

We have worked and distributed over 220,000 bible apps (only in iOS) and lots of missionary apps in last 8 years.

If you are willing to help us SPIRITUALLY, please pray for us.;Our main programmer got his right eye struck with retinal detachment. He worked too hard morning to midnight nowadays after Coronavirus pandemic.

Also if you are willing to help us FINANCIALLY with delight, please send us your generous sharing via :

  1. Paypal account:
  2. BitCoin account (BTC): 34KtomtYvtfUtoTzLVgMX9Wnm5YfyYkwnE

I will pray for and bless everybody who wants to enlighten and enforce the feet of sharing Gospel all over the mountains of the world up to Mt. Zion.

Humbly in Christ,

Jan 2021

Servants of Yerimsoft

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